Chinese city disallow eating animals after coronavirus outbreak

We all know that dogs are humans best friends, they are loyal and loving pets, so we still can’t understand how some people can eat them!

It’s difficult to even imagine how some countries still are home to a shocking and bizarre but legal dog meat industry.

Many of the dog victims are stolen and badly mistreated before they get slaughtered for food.


Now the coronavirus outbreak, the latest deadly worldwide epidemic is believed to have started to one of these bizarre and wild meat selling “wet markets’ ‘ and that shed a light to the bizarre industry and prompted a local government to come out with a change.

Shenzhen, a city in China just like so many cities in the world is coming up with solutions to keep its citizens safe from the coronavirus outbreak.

There is one solution: cracking down on the city’s wildlife meat trade.

As Reuters reports, a proposed legislation will outlaw the consumption of animals like dogs and cats.

This law will also ban the selling of animals like snakes and frogs like food, but meats like pork, chicken and beef will be permitted.

This law is being promoted not only as a necessary response to the virus outbreak, but a long-overdue protection to the city’s pet population.

“Banning the consumption of wild animals is a common practice in developed countries and is a universal requirement of modern civilization,” said a notice.

The law will recognize  cats’ and dogs’ status as household pets.


Under the proposed law, people that are caught consuming meat from the protected list will be fined 20,000 yuan (almost $3,000 USD). Vendors will get a fine over twice that amount.

The law still is awaited to pass and it will apply to one city only, this can be the beginning of a movement against cruel industry that slaughters cats and dogs.

“Although the trade in Shenzhen is fairly small compared with the rest of [Guangdong] province, Shenzhen is still a huge city and is larger than Wuhan,” Peter Li, China policy expert for Humane Society International, told Reuters.

“This would be very significant and could even have a domino effect with other cities following.”

It’s heartbreaking that it took a deadly virus for people to come to their senses and try to put a stop to the bizarre activity that has been taking place for centuries.