Every Day This Old Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Just To Say Hi To Everyone

Dogs are so sweet and they love people so much that sometimes they take a long road to go and say hi to everyone.

A wandering woolfy dog named Bruno is on his way to town.

“Everybody knows Bruno,” laughs Rouse, “may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno.”


“It’s just been his routine as far back as I know,”  Sharon Rouse states, she watches Bruno’s arrivals from the picture window of the Hansen Realty office, where she works the reception desk.

The dog had taken a daily walk for most of the past 12 years, he goes to Longville, takes rounds around town, then gets back home to his owners, Larry and Debbie LaVallee.

“The first time I saw him in town, he almost beat me to town,” laughs Larry LaVallee, who used to pick up Longville’s trash. “I was picking garbage on the way, and I get in town, and I wasn’t there five minutes, and there’s Bruno.”

Since the start the dog was a wanderer.

“A guy came in my driveway, and Bruno was a little pup,” Larry LaVallee recalls, “and he says, ‘I found your dog at the end of your driveway.’ I says, ‘Well he ain’t my dog.’”

The man says he took a look at the canine inside the car and immediately decided to keep the dog that he believed was abandoned.

“And that was the beginning of it all,” says LaVallee.

The dog takes his walk in Longville, with stops at city hall, the ice cream shop, the library, several real estate offices and Tabaka’s grocery store, where deli workers welcome him at the back door with meat scraps they’ve saved.

“He’s our buddy, we kind of watch out for him the best way we can,” says Patrick Moran, the owner of a real estate office on Bruno’s route. “Last week he came in and stayed about an hour and a half or two hours,” says Moran.

The owner says they tried to keep the dog at home, they even chained him up in order to keep him from running into town. According to Larry he almost hinged himself by pulling long and hard on the chain.

Now they are used to calls of the  newcomers in town who claim they have found the lost dog.

They also now are accustomed to the silence on the other end of the phone when they tell strangers to just let the dog go since he will find his way home.

“He’s more friendly than most of the humans in town, and I’m not saying that in a negative way about the humans,” Tripp says. “He’s that lovable.”

We just love a sweet and kind pooch.