Stray dogs turning blue because of industrial waste thrown in river

A really unusual story has taken place lately, when people noticed 5 dogs with a weird body color.


Near Navi Mumbai’s Taloja industrial area, where pollutants from the nearly 1,000 factories dump their waste into the Kasadi River, were spotted five blue dogs.

“We picked up this dog first as it has gone blind owing to the dye. It will now have to undergo a blood test as this will help us understand how the chemicals in the river have affected it,” , a veterinarian with the SPCA, Sanjay Jadhav,  reported.

The veterinarians managed to round up only one of the spotted blue dogs until now, they plan to rescue, treat and then release the others when they manage to locate them.

The Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, took the pictures of the blue dog and they filed a complaint with the local pollution control board, stating that the animals were suffering because of released dyes directly on the river by industrial plants.

In Mumbai is illegal the discharge of dye in any water body.

A day later the area was surveyed by officials, and discovered a private company is using blue dye for multiple purposes.

The owners of the company have been warned to secure their area so animals don’t enter again, also they have been asked to remove the dye that is being discharged from the company immediately or they will face closure.

This kind of activities that hurts animals should end immediately.